This is the Daiso in Kakuda. Daiso is like all of the dollar stores in Canada, except it doesn’t suck. They actually have good quality stuff there. Even some really nice stuff like dishes and lots of cute character items. Most of the items are 100 yen, but some of the bigger stuff will cost more. The quality of the items is surprising sometimes. They don’t come off as super cheap looking like most of the Canadian dollar stores. What is interesting is there is actually a Daiso store in Vancouver. Stuff is a little more expensive than in Japan though.



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9 responses to “Daiso

  1. You live in the countryside, don’t you? 😉
    There aren’t many stores in Tokyo with big parking lots like that. Most don’t have any parking at all! (Not just Tokyo…but many big cities like NYC don’t have many parking spaces).

    Anyways…Daiso is a good store. High quality / low price!

    I wrote a bit about Daiso twice.
    One here:

    and another (with a short video):

  2. Yes at the moment I do live in the country side, about 45 minutes from Sendai, in Kakuda. It’s my wife’s hometown. Only 30,000 people live there. It’s has it’s positives (nice countryside, cheap) and negatives (train service sucks, and it’s a bit far from downtown). The remedy is I just drive to work instead of the train. We have so much parking here. Sendai has barely any parking, and I couldn’t even imagine driving in Tokyo.

  3. >I couldn’t even imagine driving in Tokyo.

    I have a Japanese driver’s license (gold, “safe driver”, actually 😉 )…but I seldom drive.
    The public transportation in Tokyo is inexpensive, extremely punctual, clean, safe, and there are train stations everywhere.
    Bad point, though, is the rush-hour crowd! 😦

    Actually, I don’t have a U.S. driver’s license anymore. It expired years ago.
    I rarely go to America…but when I do, I have to get an international license so I can use my Japanese driver’s license there.

  4. Where I live we don’t get JR service. It’s just a local line that only runs once an hour. Driving is actually half the price it cost me to ride the train, so I’m actually saving money. I agree about rush hour. It’s bad in Sendai too. Sometimes I don’t know how they can fit so many people into the train. I don’t have to hold on to anything, because it’s so tight I can’t fall down.

  5. Train comes only once an hour!??
    Wow! You must be in a real 田舎 (Countryside) town!

    Here in Tokyo, the trains come on an average of every three or four minutes!
    And very punctual!
    It might be cheaper there…but there’s no way driving could be cheaper in Tokyo. You have to pay for insurance, gas, and parking…not to mention the cost of the car itself, maintenance, inspections and road tolls.

  6. The only toll road we have in Sendai is the hi-way, and nobody uses it. I have free parking at work, and our car has been paid of for a very long time.

  7. In big cities like Tokyo and NYC, etc where it’s crowded, they make driving expensive to discourage it.
    Many people in who live in big cities never get a driver license their whole life.

  8. I don’t think I could ever live in cities that big. Sendai and my hometown Ottawa are perfect at about 1 million people.

  9. I grew up in a small town in the southern U.S…but after living in city, I could never go back to living in a small town! I enjoy the convenience of the city and all the things to do!

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