Honey Roast Chicken Pringles

Yet another in the long line of new Pringles flavors is “Honey Roast Chicken”. Chicken flavored things seem to be common at this time of year. I guess it has something to do with the KFC and Christmas thing I spoke about before.


Since Mr. Pringles is winking at us and holding a present, I would assume that this is Pringles’ Christmas gift to us. They weren’t bad at all, as usual.



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4 responses to “Honey Roast Chicken Pringles

  1. >”Roast Chicken”

    Actually, the can says 「ハニー・ローストチキン」 (“Honey Roast Chicken”).

  2. Noted and changed. Thanks Tokyo5

  3. Ku Ri Su

    yo Eric – shoot me your new address so I can send you a Christmas card. I can’t seem to find the previous email with it.


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