Some Christmas Spirit

Christmas has been creeping up so quickly that I’ve barely even noticed it was almost here. To remedy this and add some Christmas spirit to the house I went out and purchased a small 120cm Christmas tree.


I was very surprised when I got home and opened the box. Inside was all of the ornament. I had no idea when I bought it. It’s lucky that the store I bought it at had no good ornament, or else I would have wasted my money. Here’s a picture of it fully decorated.


Not bad. I’m still looking for a star for the top. According to my wife it’s not very common over here. Neither are angels, so I wonder what do they put at the top?



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2 responses to “Some Christmas Spirit

  1. >so I wonder what do they put at the top?

    Most people don’t even decorate their house at all for Xmas (New Years’ decorations are more common).
    I guess that most people would just leave it as it is with nothing on top and noone would even notice.

    >Neither are angels

    Angels creep me out. 😉

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