In Canada we have all kinds of  Ritz crackers with stuff in between them, cheese, peanut butter, etc. We don’t however have Ritz with gorgonzola in it. They are quite tasty indeed.


It’s interesting that most of the cheese you can get at grocery stores is terrible in Japan. The quality being very processed and mostly bland tasting. Sure you can get better stuff at specialty stores that have foreign cheese, but for the most part it’s a dire situation. However you can get a complex tasting Italian “blue” cheese in between Ritz crackers. It’s quite the opposite from Canada.



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5 responses to “Gorgonzola

  1. keith

    wow, you can’t even get that in Italy, i bet they taste like awesome, you should send a box to Canada, like now, so I can try some while I’m home.

  2. keith

    and did you know this site does not allow you to post more then 1 comment in 30 seconds?

  3. If I did It probably wouldn’t make it to Canada in time. I could maybe send it to Holland after you got back though. E-mail me.

  4. keith

    ok, i am in Canada till Jan 10, so it’s like a month, but you can send them to the NL.

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