Chicken Doritos

I got this at the local grocery store. Fried chicken flavored Doritos. My addiction to try all new flavors of chips can’t be stopped. I simply must try everything at least once. The thing is Japan has a ton of limited time flavors. I’m constantly find new ones.




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4 responses to “Chicken Doritos

  1. Ku Ri Su

    and the verdict? Were they any good? You can’t leave us hanging!!!

  2. The verdict is …………….Delicious!!

  3. I don’t usually eat Doritos.
    But I like 「ワサビーフ」 (“Wasabeef“) chips. (Actually, the name works when you type is Japanese…but it doesn’t spell right in alphabet letters. It’s wasabi + beef).

    Have you ever tried them?

  4. I’ve had them. They’re pretty good. Actually you can buy them in Canada too.

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