Nice Weather

One of the reasons why I moved to Japan was to avoid some of the nasty winter weather back in Ottawa. So far it has totally paid off. In Ottawa today it’s snowing and it’s -8 degrees. I got this picture from the web-cam at the Lord Elgin hotel showing the state of Confederation park.


Aside from the christmas lights, it looks quite dreadful. In Sendai however it’s sunny and the temperature is 18 degrees. Here a photo of the graden I took today.


Some of the trees have lost their leaves, but every thing is still looking good. Hell, we even have lots of flowers that are still blooming.


Maybe someone didn’t tell them it was December 10th. We’re supposed to be in the cold part of Japan, but so far it’s only snowed once at night and it all melted by the time I woke up. Very nice! Oh and knock on wood, so I don’t jinx it.



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7 responses to “Nice Weather

  1. Ian

    In that picture of Ottawa it doesn’t look as bad as it is. Since yesterday we have gotten close to 30 cm of snow with some freezing rain. Also the Bus drivers are on strike starting this morning which has made for some crazy traffic and a lot of people with no way to work or school. Aren’t you glad you are not at your old job in Ottawa now…

  2. I guess luck is on my side now. My old job would have been torture for sure, especially with all of the bus strike traffic. I am glad I’m here right now

  3. Jeff

    I hate you now because of this post. Here in Montreal, and I had to remove the ice from my front steps with a hammer this morning.

  4. I’m sorry Jeff. Please forgive me. I didn’t know that you guys were getting freezing rain. I thought it was just a bit of snow. At least you don’t have to put up with the bus strike like the people in Ottawa.

  5. Ann

    I work at the Lord Elgin and was so wowed that you check our web-cams (we also have one overlooking the War Memorial). Actually, it was a really cool day yesterday. With the crazy weather and the bus strike, people band together to help each other get to where they need to be – good spirit at Christmas time. I am taxi to two fellow workers, who I know much better now. It took us two hours and 15 minutes to get into downtown from Barrhaven (normally 20 minutes).

  6. Thanks for the comment Ann. I check the webcams once and a while to see what the weather looks like in my home town. When I checked the War Memorial cam yesterday, it looked like it was having a hard day getting pummeled by the freezing rain. Tell the Lord Elgin thanks for the webcams.

  7. Ann

    I will Eric. Thanks so much!!

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