New Blu

Recently I went on a bit of a Blu-ray buying spree. Mostly because I had a lot of points at Yodobashi and Yamada Denki. After using the points it was super cheap, so I couldn’t resist. The first was the new Indiana Jones movie.


Many people didn’t like the movie, but I loved it. I think it fit right in with the other movies in the series. I also got Batman Begins. I know this one is not so new, but it is kind of new on Blu-ray.


Batman Begins is so good. I looks unbelievable in HD. After watching it I felt like I had never really seen it the proper way. Finally I picked up a copy of Jumper.


I really liked this movie. It was super fun, and it had every kid’s dream super power in it, teleportation. Watching some of the special features, I found out the double decker bus that gets thrown in the desert was really done and not CG. I guess I assume that most stuff nowadays is CG. It’s good to see people still do it the old fashioned way. Another interesting thing is that because I had English menus selected, I couldn’t even select any Japanese language options on Batman and Jumper. I had to change my preference to Japanese menus to see them. It made me think that maybe the Japanese and the American version are exactly the same. Maybe if you choose Japanese menus on the American version you can get Japanese audio and subtitles. I’m curious now.



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2 responses to “New Blu

  1. keith

    I completely agree with the new indy film, hell, i even bought the offical indiana jones messenger bag like he wears in the movie. Jumper though, seriously, and I’m the nerd.

  2. Jumper is a good movie, and yes, I agree you are a nerd.

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