Today we got tricked into re-doing the shoji screens in the room where we keep our PC. Shoji screens are made out of wood and paper, like the ones below.


These are the ones that we re-did. Putting new paper on them. It was really really a pain to do actually. I scanned in the little directions that came with the paper, so that you can understand my suffering.


First measure out the length of paper that you need.


Then cover the wood with glue.


Next, very carefully put the paper onto the frame. This is the most difficult step. Getting the paper flat and stretched out with no wrinkles is very hard.


Next trim the extra paper at the sides. Now you have so nice looking sliding doors. It’s funny thing is that I, the foreigner of the house was the best at doing this. The two shoji I did turned out really nice and beautiful. Maybe I’ve got some hidden skill and should open a shoji shop!



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2 responses to “Shoji

  1. Jeff

    You suffer for your art, Eric!

  2. I’m like the Van Gogh of shoji. I hope I don’t cut my ear off though.

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