Good Manners Part 2

Here’s some more manner ads from the Tokyo Metro. The first one is a pet peeve of mine.


I don’t understand why women don’t do it before the leave home. I see this so often. Reapplying some lipstick is one thing, but curling your eyelashes and applying all of your make up is too much.


This one is not too common. Most people don’t use their cell phones on the train.  If you forget to put it in manner mode (vibrate) you get some awful looks. Actually the ones who do this the most is usually older people, who then talk really loud. Teenage girls usually talk really loud to other teenage girls on the train, not cell phones.



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2 responses to “Good Manners Part 2

  1. Jeff

    They use the same character in the background of all these signs. He’s like the embodiment of the collective Japanese sense of shame.

  2. Yes, I noticed him too. He is the center of good manners for Japan. Poor guy He’s surrounded by rude people.

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