Good Manners

Recently the Tokyo Metro has been putting out a series of ads to teach Japanese people good manners when riding the train. Some people have the the worst manners. It’s almost unbelievable. You know it has gotten bad when they have to do an ad for this situation.


Yes, I have actually seen this many times. Usually when I take the train late at night. I often see drunken men taking off their shoes (because putting your shoes on the seat is rude, right?), and laying down on the seat. Of course they fall asleep and snore very loudly. It was surprising the first time.



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13 responses to “Good Manners

  1. Ku Ri Su

    I saw this all the time dude. The binge drinking that was done on Friday and Saturday night would leave a lot of passed out or sick business men strewn out in the station or on the train. We would take pictures with the cell phone and pass them around like trading cards.

  2. keith

    Do it at home? who has a train car at their home to pass out in?

  3. I especially like how the briefcase is easily converted into a pillow. I always wondered why it was padded in the sides, now I know.

  4. I wrote a post about the manner posters on trains and subways, too.
    My post’s here:

    And do you study Japanese? Have you tried “iKnow!” ?
    I wrote about that recently:

    Please comment on my posts, if you want to.

  5. I am trying to learn Japanese. I mostly use the DS to do it. I checked out the site you mentioned in your post, it looks good. I’m going to try it out. Thanks.

  6. >I mostly use the DS to do it.

    I have the 「正しい漢字かきとりくん」 cassette for Nintendo DS. But I usually study with a book and paper / pen (the “old-fashioned” way). I think writing with a pen is important for studying (especially for writing かんじ).

    How long have you been in Japan?

    Feel free to comment on my blog ( ).


  7. Jeff

    Eric, I don’t know if you use an RSS reader to follow blogs and kotaku and stuff, but you might want to try NewsGator FeedDemon if not …….. word

  8. Tokyo5, I tried 正しい漢字かきとりくん, but i needed something more basic to start I’m using this one, It’s pretty good for a beginner like me. It does have some writing practice in it. It’s really easy for me to get sidetracked with books, but I always have my DS with me. I’ve been in Japan since April, so not that long. Not as long as you that’s for sure.

    Jeff, I don’t use an RSS, I just do it the old fashioned way and actually visit them.

  9. Thanks for the link to my site. I added a link to your on my site, too.

    Are you from Canada? How long do you plan to stay in Japan?

    Just curious…

  10. Yeah, I’m from Canada. My plans to stay are indefinite. It could be a few years or it could be forever. Time will tell. My spouse is Japanese, so that was one of the biggest factors for moving to Japan. She wanted to come home, and I needed a change of pace. Thanks for the link.

  11. Thanks again for commenting on my blog. (I replied here: ).

    And I just wrote a new post:
    (Please feel free to comment as often as you like on my site!)

    So, you met your wife and Canada?
    My wife is also Japanese. But we met here in Tokyo. I’ve also immigrated here permanently.

  12. We met in Canada. She was there on a working holiday visa.

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