The Origin of Mameshiba


I sent these two Mameshiba edamame trinkets out to my dear friend Becky a couple weeks ago. What they are is basically an edamame (soy bean) simulator. When you eat edamame they are still inside their pod. You have to pop them out with your fingers. Usually they are boiled and salted. Very simple and delicious. These little toys are actually where Mameshiba first appeared, and then won the hearts of teenage girls all over Japan. As the package says, they are infinite edamame, so you can do it over and over forever. Hopefully Becky is enjoying them right now (or very soon).



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8 responses to “The Origin of Mameshiba

  1. Bee

    I just got these in the mail last night, and currently I’m making the little one with a singular tear repeatedly pop out. Maybe that’s why he’s crying…

    This is completely addictive and so awesome – thanks again!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I psychically knew you had just received them. I’m reading your mind right now in fact!

  3. Liz

    Hi I’m from Canada. Where can I buy them… the website link I had is sold out on the item.

  4. Hi,
    I am based in the East GTA, was wondering if you can help me source an edamame sheller there in Japan for export to Canada. I’ve been trying to surf the net for an edamame sheller but hae not found anything. Are you based in Sendai?
    Thank you,

    • Hmm…I’ve never even seen an edamame sheller. I asked my wife, who is Japanese, and she had never heard of it or seen one. Maybe only factories or pro chef use some thing like that. Sorry I wasn’t so helpful.

      I do live close to Sendai.

  5. kittycat

    Send one to me too>_<

  6. A friend brought me this keychain back from a visit to Japan last year, but the packaging was different. It was marketed as a stress relief tool and had pictures of people squeezing the edamame and crying tears of joy as their stress melted away.

    I didn’t realize what it was ’til I recently stumbled upon Mameshiba online , which came up when I was looking at the awesome cartoon Nekko Ramen!

    I love my keychain and it really IS calming to play with!!

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