Rally Ready

I spotted this super awesome Mini Cooper in downtown Sendai. It’s all done up to look like the old rally cooper from the 1960’s. Even including the rally of Monte Carlo sign on the top.


He’s also got the roof rack for spare tires. The mini was too small to put tires in the trunk. Here you can see a real rally Mini. All he needs is the extra light kit and it would be even closer.


The Mini was a super champion of Rally racing, winning the Monte Carlo four times, along win hundreds of other wins. Old style Minis are quite common here. There’s a special dealership that sells only vintage Minis. It might have something to do with barely getting any snow, so no rusting to pieces. It has to be one of my favorite cars of all time.



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2 responses to “Rally Ready

  1. Ian

    Eric I think you should trade in Yurie’s car and get a MINI. I’m sure she would love it…

  2. No, the Wagon R would definitely be replaced by another Wagon R (or that type of car). It’s so useful and spacious. Like a tiny micro van.

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