New Ipod

Yesterday I got a new Ipod. I got it to replace my 60G Ipod which has been full for a very long time. To remedy this I got a brand new silver 120G model.


It’s pretty nice the front surface is now a matte finish, so it doesn’t get all covered with fingerprints. I really like the new improvements to the menu system. There’s a lot more flashiness to it now.


You can see beside the main menu they now randomly show album covers. Also they added the ability to search though music in a cover flow now.


I really like being able to easily see all of the album artwork. For someone like me who has to have the artwork for every album in their library, this is a sweet bonus.



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8 responses to “New Ipod

  1. Jeff

    They design good gadgets, those guys. I got a 16GB iPhone over the summer, I love the thing.

  2. keith

    I also got a new 16G ipod nano in orange,my old 8G iPod nano was also to small. I love the accelerator, does yours have the maze game? now all you need is an iMac, i love the new ones, i’m probably going to get a new one with my Christmas bonus this year, 24 inch screen here i come.

  3. No they’re is no maze game, just a quiz show, klondike, and a 3D breakout kind of game. I hope some day they make a Ipod touch that has the same capacity as the classic that would be awesome. I need at least over 100G.

  4. keith

    no, that’s doubtful for the near future since the touch and nano are flash memory based and the larger ones are hard drive based.

  5. Maybe some day in the future. Flash memory seems to double in size every year so it might be possible.

  6. keith

    no it won’t because the feature size of transistors hasn’t reduced size that much, the next step from 45nm, which is the current standard for memory, is 32nm, only about 30% smaller, also that will take time to develop, below that it is a very big struggle to make working transistors as we know them today. It may be possible if they go to a phase change memory, which should be commercialized in the next few years.

  7. Hey are you like an electric nerd guy or something?

  8. keith

    yeah, i am, deal with it.

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