New Beer

I thought I would profile some of the new beer that they have in Japan. It’s seems that there is new types to try every month. Companies are in a constant beer “arms race” to top each other. First is Kirin Zero.


It’s a low calorie, zero carb beer. These kinds of beer have become popular lately, since everyone seems to be diet conscious over here. Next we have Kirin Smooth and Asahi Ginger Draft.


Kirin Smooth as the name states, is supposed to be smoother than normal beer. The can say “Smooth makes you feel comfortable”.  Asahi Ginger Draft has a bit of ginger taste added to it. It’s pretty refreshing tasting. They should have brought it out in summer though instead of winter. Here are a couple Kirin seasonal beers.


There are usually different ones for each season. They are available for a limited time and quantity, never to be made again. Some are really good, so it’s sad when they’re gone. Finally, here is a Dark Bitter by Suntory.


I wanted to show this to prove that not all Japanese beers are ale and pilsner. It’s kind of similar to Guiness, but not as thick. Constantly having new types of beer is good since foreign beer is hard to find and often very expensive. Plus more is always a good thing.



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7 responses to “New Beer

  1. keith

    Isn’t low carb beer mean low alcohol, luckily live near belgium and germany, so there’s no shortage of good beers here!!

  2. Actually the alcohol level is the same as normal beer.

  3. Ku Ri Su

    Ah yes but is it real beer or “Hapochu”? What is Hapochu you ask? Well in Japan there is no tax on liquor but they tax beer. So the beer companiess make non-alcoholic beer and then add liquor to make it 5%. This stuff is typically $1 cheaper than a tall boy of real beer. Tastes the same. The only bad part is the hangover.

  4. You’re right Chris, the low calorie beer is actually happoshu really is. I looked it up. Happoshu is what we call in the west, malt liquor. See here on wikipedia
    Damn well tastes the same as beer though. I can’t tell the difference. Plus it’s damn cheap. Around a buck a beer.

  5. I can’t believe I didn’t see this post earlier. I love beer!

    I wrote a few posts that mention beer. Namely:

    >Damn well tastes the same as beer though. I can’t tell the difference.

    発泡酒 (Happoushu) and 第三ビール (3rd beer) are generally good.
    I like Asahi 本生 (Hon-nama) (the red can or yellow can…not the blue or green ones!)…but I don’t like Sapporo Draft One very much!

    Kirin 淡麗 (Tanrei) is best!

  6. Currently my favorites are Kirin Stout and Sparkling Hop. My all time favorite Japanese beer is Asahi Super Dry.

  7. Yeah, those beers are good. I think most foreigners in Japan like Asahi. It’s good, but I think Kirin is better.

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