This Isn’t Soy Sauce

I got this at the 7/11 around the corner from my house.


It looks like a bottle of soy sauce, but it’s actually orange juice!?! Looking closer you can see the liquid is actually a dark brown color.


One wonders what they used to make it that color. I don’t want to think about it. Thankfully they put a helpful warning on it for all of the stupid foreigners in Japan.


Thanks. The little oranges and the fact it says orange on the label didn’t tip me off. Also soy sauce isn’t refrigerated in the juice section.



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4 responses to “This Isn’t Soy Sauce

  1. Ku Ri Su

    you should have taken a pic of the juice in a glass.

    So what did it taste like? Brown Orange juice? Weird

  2. The bottle was clear so the brown stuff you see in the picture was the color of it. The taste was totally like a non-bubbly orange soda.

  3. Jeff

    Let me guess… You used it as soy sauce

  4. No silly, you just drink it. It’s orange juice.

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