Sennan Beer Factory

Part of the past weekend’s festivities included a special event at the Sennan beer factory in Kakuda.


We had lunch there at the restaurant on Sunday. I tried to pick the most European sounding thing on the menu. For a restaurant that calls itself “Deutch Haus”, it was certainly low on the amount of German food it had. It was mostly typical Japanese family restaurant food. It was still very delicious though. The had a store there too and i bought some fresh brewed beer.


They also make their own meat products. I bought some chorizo sausage and some salami.


I tried a sip of the dark beer that Yurie ordered and it was super good. They brew five different types of beer, and I can’t wait to try them all. EDIT: I drank the bottle of beer I bought with dinner tonight. It was really delicious. It was the first beer that I’ve had in three weeks due to having brochitis, and taking tons of medication. I’m back baby!!



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4 responses to “Sennan Beer Factory

  1. keith

    So I guess they didn’t have any Schweinshaxe. What kind of beer did they have? pilsners, ales, white, wheat?

  2. The one I bought was a pilsner. They had a Dark beer which won some world grand prize in Europe. They also had a white, an ale, and one that has a little bit of local rice mixed in with the hops.

  3. E Mom

    I noticed our pretty Yurie in the center of the first picture with her back to the camera. I recognize her profile and her green jacket.

    I am such a proud mother that my sons discuss their beer knowledge from both sides of the world.

  4. Beer is the common factor that unites us all. That’s why the middle east is so grumpy. No beer!

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