Kids Art

Today we went to a little art show of paintings done by the kids from Kakuda elementary school right next to my house. I was really impressed by some of them and how cool and weird they were. My niece Tomoka, who is twelve, had a painting at the show as well. She said she even won a prize for it. It’s the one below.


This one was done by a four year old.


I’ve noticed that most Japanese people can draw fairly good. I think it has to do with their writing style, which is basically small pictures.


Some of these pictures are so weird, almost like modern art.


The one below was drawn by a seven year old.


The floor is so crazy on the next one. At least I think it’s a floor.


I just really loved some of them. Like the one below. They seemed to be self portraits.


Check out the one below. I like the kid in the river.


In the one below, that girl must be terrified of vegetables.


This dodge ball one is really cool too.


I hope you enjoyed this small look at Kakuda kids art. I did.


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