Cream Croquette……Burger?


Yes, this is the new burger for this month at McDonald’s. It’s a Cream Croquette Burger. Croquettes are a common thing here in Japan, and very popular, so it’s a natural choice. You would never see this in Canada. I ate it and it was very good. Super creamy and delicious, as you can see in the picture below.


Cream croquettes are filled with potato whipped together with milk, and a few shrimp and pieces of macaroni in it. The burger is topped with some Tonkatsu sauce (a sweet tangy sauce), and some mayo and cabbage underneath. The bun they use is super soft and warm, making it very delicious. It’s kind of interesting that McDonald’s over here is constantly thing up new and unique things every month. I actually look forward to see what the new thing is. Also I’m eating there more often than I ever did in Canada. Which was very seldom. It’s great to have when I’m tired of eating Japanese food.


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