Little Big Planet

I got my copy of the North American version of Little Big Planet in the mail today. I didn’t want to chance buying the Japanese version just in case it didn’t have English. Plus the level sharing is supposedly region locked, and I wanted to share with my friends in Canada. It’s also why today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  I gotta go and play.



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10 responses to “Little Big Planet

  1. Love this Game! Have you created anything yet? Any tips or tricks you can provide?

  2. I haven’t created anything yet. I’ve just been playing the single player game, gathering lots of objects. Today I might try building something.

  3. DoodleBug

    It look like great game I am looking forward to reciving it: holy cow I just looked at the canadian playstation site and it has a sackboy virus!!! check it out

  4. I saw it. It’s pretty neat!

  5. Jeff

    I played this game with friends and then rented it for a night. I really wanted to like it, but I finally concluded, it’s a bad game.

    There’s some cool technology and great graphics, but the gameplay itself is really weak. They try to make up for it by having you “earn” stickers and crap, but I find that annoying. I guess it’s meant as more of a casual game, but for a casual game it’s not selling so hot either.

  6. Hmm, it’s too bad you didn’t like it Jeff. I find the gameplay to be fun. The only thing I don’t like is how the jump is a little floaty. What was the last game you did like (don’t say Rainbow 6)?

  7. Jeff

    Castle Crashers.

  8. I heard that game was seriously broken.

  9. Jeff

    You’re right, it would probably be better if you could earn stickers.

  10. I heard the Castle Crashers was crashing and locking up a lot. Did they already release the patch?

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