Chillin’ Bear

There’s a popular character here in Japan called Rilakkuma. He appears everywhere. At games centers in UFO machines, toy stores as trinkets, and at convenience stores on drinks.

Rilakkuma is a combination of the word “relax” and the Japanese word “kuma” which means bear. so he’s pretty much the relaxing bear. I really like how he’s just chilling out on the orange. This little guy is super popular in Japan right now. You couldn’t avoid him if you tried.

On the side of the bottle he’s also chilling on a pillow. He’s saying “Right now I’m working out”, and the strange duck seems shocked and is saying “Really!?”. Very cute stuff indeed.



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4 responses to “Chillin’ Bear

  1. repdetect2

    That’s perfect 🙂 I just discovered this blog and you have a winner and I am subscribed. I just started studying japanese, and this is like a window into an amazing culture for me.

    How long have you been there?

  2. I’ve been here almost seven months now. I’m glad you like my blog.

  3. Jeff

    OK wow, apparently there are big bucks to make in Japan coming up with cute cartoon using few lines as possible.

    Based on my understanding of the market, I just designed the ultimate cute character. Eric, I will leave the licensing details to you. Let me know when I get my $1000000 cheque!

  4. Actually Jeff, that character you did is totally cute and would probably sell. It is a little similar to the Miyagi TV (a local channel) mascot. Check it out for yourself.

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