Toe Socks

In Japan believe it or not socks with separate toes is common. You can buy them pretty much at any store that sells clothing here. I was curious about them, so I asked some of my students how they were. All of the ones who wore them said they were very comfortable. Being one to try out new things I decided to purchase a pair a Uniqlo.

You can see the label here with a cute drawing of the toes socks. I also got the dry version. Uniqlo has this great line of clothing called “Dry” and it really works good. It keeps itself and you skin dry. My feet don’t never sweat in these “Dry” sock. It’s really good for summer time. Here’s a picture of them on my feet.

At first it felt really weird. Almost like I wasn’t wearing socks at all. I got used to them after a while. They’re especially comfortable when you’re wearing shoes. The only problem with them is when you put them on you have to make sure the toes go in their right holes. You can’t just slip them on like normal socks.


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