Best Bank Ever!!

I spotted this ad in a recent issue of Famitsu.

It’s a back that has a little display on it, and it keeps track of how much money you put in it. You can then buy items and weapons for you little hero and then go on a heroic adventure. Pretty damn cool! Too bad the text in is Japanese. I think it’s a great way to save up money. One of the weapons is a crossbow for 12000 yen, so you have to save up a lot on money in your bank to get that high powered weapon. Don’t forget you can always click on the picture for a large view of it.



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4 responses to “Best Bank Ever!!

  1. Jeff

    Pretty brilliant. I wonder if you lose XP when you empty it.

  2. That’s a very good question. They would have to do that or else you could just take the coin out and put them back in over and over again.

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