Shooting Watch

I finally got a Shooting Watch. I had looked around at every game store in Sendai, but it was quietly waiting for me out side of the Seagull game store in Kakuda. What i found was a Capsule Shooting Watch.

A Shooting Watch is a little device that was invented by Hudson in the 1980’s during the shooting game craze. The legendary Takahashi Meijin could press the buttons at 16 times a second, which is super human. This thing would help you train to get as fast as him.

It’s a little smaller than a normal shooting watch, which is about two thirds of NES controller. As you can see it displays the time, thus fulfilling it’s watch requirement. The buttons feel really good on it, just like a real controller. I tried many time to get a super fast score, but I could only muster 95 times in ten seconds.

Which is only 9.5 times a second, not even close to Takahashi Meijin’s 16 a second. I guess I’ll have to keep practicing. I scanned in the little pamphlet so you could see the other designs that they have.

I got the Bomberman, which is cool, but I wish I had gotten the Star Soldier or the Adventure Island one. Maybe I’ll try my luck again sometime. After all it was only 300 yen.



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9 responses to “Shooting Watch

  1. Ku Ri Su

    That is awesome.
    Only in Japan.

  2. I agree on it’s awesomeness.

  3. Jeff

    95 times is insane.

  4. Ian

    That’s cool. Get Yurie to try it and post her number or are you afraid she is quicker…

  5. Is 95 really that good? Maybe I’m a hidden master! I’ll post Yurie’s score soon.

  6. Jeff

    It depends. Did you do it with 1 finger?

  7. Of course I only used one finger.

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