About a month ago we went with our friends Megumi, Cliff and their kids to Marumori. We went to a park that has a beautiful river and an equally beautiful temple. I thought I would share some pictures of that fun day.

The park had a lot of koi fish in a big pond around the restaurant there. The kids had a lot of fun feeding the fish. The fish were also excited. They were practically jumping over each other to get the food. You would think that no one ever fed them.

The temple was beautiful and very old. It so old that the roof is growing grass and plants.

I love all of these different lion statues at the different temples. This one had a ball under his foot.

The path leading up to the temple was like something out of a movie. Really cool.

Here’s a shot of the river. The water is so clear. Even though none of us had swimsuits we all waded in and enjoyed the cool water on our leg. Next year I want to go and swim there.


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