Sasuke 21

This week Sasuke 21 was on TV. It’s basically an almost impossible obstacle course.It has all kinds of difficult sections, like the “jumping spider” pictured below.

You have to jump and then hold on to the walls with you arms and legs. A lot of the contestants fail at this point. Thisis early on too. It gets a lot harder. Like the “cliff hanger”.

You have to hold onto a tiny ledge with you finger tips and at the pointyou see in the picture you have to swing from one ledge to the other. Only two people have ever sucessfully done it. Later after that is the “flipping spider”.

You must jump from one board to the other, with only the tiniest of ledges to land on.

The final competitor Nagano managed to do it. I have to say it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen on TV. You can go to this blog Diary of an Ninja/Shoe Model and see some videos of the competition. By the way this show is also shown in the US as Ninja Warrior on G4TV. A couple of the G4 contest winners who got to come to Japan and compete were among the the top competitors and made it pretty far.



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3 responses to “Sasuke 21

  1. Jeff

    I just watched all the Nagano Makoto videos on that page, since he seemed to get the furthest. It’s incredible the amount of upper body strength that’s needed on the third course!

  2. Jeff

    And where the heck is their safety gear?? Cripes.

  3. Ninjas don’t need safety gear. The way Nagano goes through the 3rd course is super human. He makes even the most difficult stuff look easy. On Sasuke 17 he finished the whole course. You can see it on Youtube. The course has gotten a lot harder since then.

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