Care Package

Today I finally received my care package from Canada.

My parents had sent it over a month ago. No doubt some Japanese customs officers were reading my magazines, and that’s why it took so long. You can see in the picture above it was carefully wrapped in “President’s Choice” bags, and the local community news paper. Inside it contained a wealth of goodies.

One box of Nascar Kraft dinner (obviously from my Dad), Five packages of Guacamole mix, a bottle of BBQ sauce (impossible to get in Japan), two sticks of anti-perspirant (even more impossible), two styptic pens for shaving, four issues of EGM, four issues of Shonen Jump, and two T-shirts from Cape Cod. So now I can officially eat Kraft dinner with guacamole and BBQ sauce, while cutting my self shaving and reading magazines in my new T-shirt. Not to mention smelling nice while I do it. Thanks Mom and Dad!!



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10 responses to “Care Package

  1. Ku Ri Su

    Funny, I had Kraft Dinner sent to Japan too while I was there.
    You can find it at Costco, if they have a Costco in Sendai, but its not the same. Must be the American Kraft Dinner.

  2. Jeff

    I got a tip for you man, you gotta dry your razors with a towel when you’re finished with them. That way they don’t rust as fast, and you won’t cut yourself shaving as much.

  3. keith

    wtf where’s my care package? I’ve been gone for almost 2 years and since then 0 care packages.

  4. keith

    oh yeah, I can get KD here but it’s like 3.50 euros a box and I have to go all the way to Utrecht, But I can easily get Kraft BBQ sauce here at a British grocery store, sucka what!

  5. Chris: Do you have to have a membership for Costco in Japan?

    Jeff: I usually don’t cut myself when shaving, only once and a while. When I do though it takes for ever to stop with tissue. That’s why styptic is 100% needed for my thin blood.

    Keith: You don’t get any care packages because you visit like every 6 months. Plus My ranking is higher I guess 🙂 Can you get taco kits. what was that…? I thought so!

  6. Ku Ri Su

    You needed a membership for Costco. I borrowed my friends. All us Gaijin look alike.

  7. Gosh, we do don’t we.

  8. keith

    yeah, I can get taco kits, and most things i want, except dill pickle chips, man i miss dill pickle chips.

  9. There’s always something you can’t get.

  10. Ian

    Keith I really enjoyed the Dill pickle chips that you had to leave and couldn’t put it your suitcase.

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