High School Festival

A couple of weekends ago, Yurie and myself went and checked out the Kakuda High school festival. It’s basically an event where student have booths and displays of their club activities. It’s pretty much expected that each student be a member of some after school club. These can range from sports, art, music or even science.There was some interesting stuff to see. I especially liked the art club exhibit. There are a lot of talented young artists in Kakuda. One girls painting were so good it was unbelievable! They looked photo realistic. I’m sure this person will go on to be a professional illustrator. If they don’t they’re wasting their talent. Other highlights were see a shambolic performance by the rock club, and meeting a fellow Kakuda foreigner. She was originally from Ghana and has lived in Kakuda for a long time. Her daughter have only gone to Japanese schools, and despite both their parent being from Ghana they totally act like Japanese teenagers.


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