Super Games For Super Famicom

In the recent week I picked up three more titles for Super Famicom. The first is the one that I was looking for the most, Super Mario World.


I love this game so much. I played the English version a lot and actually finished every level in the game (which took a long time, since there was 124 levels if I remember correctly). It’s so nice to play it again after so long. I also got it’s sequel.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. It’s similar to the normal Mario games, but with quite a few different game mechanics. You play as Yoshi and you carry Baby Mario on you back. You can also shoot eggs and the like at stuff. Lastly I got Super Metroid.

It’s considered to be quite the classic now, shaping how a lot of exploration type games would play. I liked it a lot back in the day. The best thing about the Japanese cartridge is you can switch the language to English. An extra good bonus!


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