Star Soldier

I picked up this excellent condition copy of Star Soldier at Geo the other day, for just 600 yen.

It was still in it’s original box. This is another famous Famicom shooting scroller, made famous by Takahashi Meijin. You can see the contents of the box.

The safety insert and the plastic bag for the cartridge are still there. Some one took really good care of it. The instruction book is a simple fold out one. On one side it details controls and strategies.

On the other it has illustrations of the enemies and their point values.

Takahashi Meijin also gives his stamp of approval.

They also recommend using the Famicom controller that has rapid fire. Which is coincidentally made by Hudson the makers of this game.

Other interesting things about the box are, when you open the box on one of the tabs there is a picture of the hero of Star Soldier.

Also on the back of the box there are no picture of the actual game. You have to buy it on blind faith that it might look good and guess what genre it might be by the picture on the front.

This would never happen nowadays. The game itself is very fun. It’s interesting playing the genesis of the shooting game craze of the 1980’s.


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