Cho Senji Temple

When it was sunny the other day, I not only went to the park, I also went to the temple near my house.

They just rebuilt a lot of the temple. It’s now all fresh wood. I think most temples are made without using nails, so it is easier to take out and replace pieces that are no longer good.

The bell tower was really cool. It’s the first time I’ve seen a tall one like this. The only bad thing is you can’t ring the bell like the ones that are on the ground.

They had like a storage building too. On the rook there was incredibly detailed dragon statues.

They even had little whiskers. Really nice looking. There was a little garden of nicely trimmed trees, but there was one strange one that caught my eye.

That whole thing that is held up by poles is actually one small tree!

I’ve never seen a tree grown this way before. How did they get it to grow that way!?



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2 responses to “Cho Senji Temple

  1. Jeff

    They probably watered it with Real Kiaida.

  2. I knew there was a simple answer to it!

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