Game Center CX

One of my favorite shows to watch in Japan is Game Center CX. It features famous Japanese comedian Shinya Arino. He basically plays difficult old video games and tries to finish them in one sitting, sometimes playing for 12 to 15 hours.

It’s a very entertaining show. It’s funny to see Arino suffering playing these incredibly difficult games. Sometimes they purposely choose an impossible game for him to play. He always tries his hardest to get the good ending for the viewers, but sometimes he has to give up. Some other segments on the show are visits to game stores and nostalgic arcades. The show is basically retro game heaven. It’s also very easy to understand even if you know very little Japanese, which makes it perfect for me. There has been some rumours that the show may getting a North American release, completely translated. I’ve posted some of one of the episodes. You can see the rest on Youtube if you double click on the video.

You can also get a lot more information about the show at the Crunk Games website.



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2 responses to “Game Center CX

  1. Jojo

    Best show evah!

  2. I agree. Damn good show!

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