Cool Sheets


I got these cool bed sheets at Village Vanguard yesterday. They’re vintage 60’s style printed sheets.

It came with the pillow case, a zippered futon cover and a zippered comforter cover. The best part was the whole set was only 2079 yen, which is just over $20 Canadian. An incredible deal! The print is really cute.

I especially like the leopard. I originally only bought one set, but Yurie liked them so much I had to go back and buy another today. It was the last set, so she was lucky.



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4 responses to “Cool Sheets

  1. Ku Ri Su

    The hippo is the only one with out a friend. Guess if they put two on the sheet they wouldn’t have room for any others, lol

  2. Oh, trust me the hippo has many friends when it’s spread out.

  3. keith

    wow, what a score, and it’s only $20

  4. Yeah, at Ikea It would probably cost $20 for one piece of this set.

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