After almost a week and a half of non-stop rain, the clouds finally broke and the sun came out today. The rainy season was supposed to happen in June but never came. I suspect Mother Nature got her revenge in August. Well I was so excited to see the sun, I decided to get my lonely bike out of it’s hiding place and take a ride around Kakuda. One stop that I did was Daiyama park.

They had a giant octopus play set there. Also they had an incredibly long roller slide.

I couldn’t even fit the whole thing into a picture. It’s like a conveyor belt for moving children. The space center is also at the park. I took a picture of one of the cute signs they had.

I wanted to go and see the space center, but it happened to be closed today. I also took a picture of the Kakuda rocket up close.

It’s really huge up close. Like five stories tall. It was nice to finally get out of the house, thanks sun!

P.S. I added some links about Sendai, Kakuda and MIyagi prefecture on the sidebar just below my favourite sites. All of the sites are in English.


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