Super Famicom

I borrowed a Super Famicom from my brother-in-law today. I find the look of the system a lot nicer than it’s North American brother the Super NES. It’s rounder and more sleek. Plus the buttons are color coded to make it easier to tell the difference between them. The only software he had for it was Fatal Fury Special.

It’s in super good condition. The box is still really nice and the instruction book and all of the inserts are still in there. The cartridge still has the plastic bag around it! The box cover artwork is awesome. Later today I went out hunting for some more Super Famicom goodness around Kakuda. These are what I found.

The legendary classic Super Street Fighter 2. This is easily one of the best games ever. It’s the version that has Cammy and Fei Long. I got it for 480 yen (which is under $5 Canadian).

Samurai Spirits is the Japanese name for Samurai Shodown. Another fighting game classic. I couldn’t believe they were selling this for only 180 yen! What a steal for such an amazing game. Some one at GEO must be crazy with their pricing.

This is the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Country, creatively named Super Donkey Kong. Also a really good platforming game. I got it at the recycle shop for only 105 yen! All and all a very good day for hunting.



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2 responses to “Super Famicom

  1. Jeff

    I remember Donkey Kong Country. The pre-rendered 3D was very innovative at the time. The first time Rare demoed it to some execs at Nintendo, they didn’t believe it was a SNES running the game. They had to check under the desk to make sure it was really hooked up.

    But I didn’t like it much because it was a game of memorization, not so much skill. You always had to know what was ahead of you before you saw it.

  2. It’s pretty fun though, especially for only one dollar! I’m looking for Super Mario World. That’s gonna be super good.

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