Kakuda Tanabata Festival

On Thursday was the Kakuda Tanabata festival. It’s probably the biggest festival in Kakuda. It’s held every year on August 14th. There was all kinds of food and games to play. They also had a mikoshi out as well.

A mikoshi is a portable shrine. There was children pulling it and some riding on it playing drums and flutes. You can see it in the video I took below.

They also had some rock bands playing. One was a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band. While I was listening to them I could figure out what language the singer was using. Maybe he didn’t know the lyrics. I took a video of the Enka singer they had there. Enka is like old fashion Japanese pop music. Some people call it Japan’s version of country music. Check it out in the video.


By the way this is officially post number 100! Yes, somehow I managed to do 100 posts. So far I’ve posted 246 pictures, 10 of my own videos, had over 2800 hits, and 182 comments. Thanks everyone for coming and visiting my blog every day.



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2 responses to “Kakuda Tanabata Festival

  1. Jeff

    Hey, your blog has really improved since you got over your Kewpie fixation! (kidding… sort of!)

  2. Due to this comment, In Sendai will be changing directions and now become Kewpie Kollectors. A new blog about the love of collecting Kewpie around the world! Catch ya on the flipside!

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