Alps Kakuda Summer Festival

Last night was the “Alps” summer festival in Kakuda. Alps is one of the big manufacturing companies in Kakuda. They make electronic parts for cars. They’ve been holding festivals every year for supposedly a long time. I think most of the population of Kakuda showed up for the event.

Our friend’s kids Ken and Karin wore Yukata for the festival. In the background you can see Kakuda station. We met there before going to the festival. At the festival they had all kinds of food, dancing and events. By far the most popular was the Power Rangers!

Yes, they had to battle evil in Kakuda too. It seems space monsters appear in Kakuda, not just Tokyo. Maybe it’s because of the rocket factory. I caught some of their fierce battle in action. Check it out below.

Of course after a hard battle all rangers have to shake the hands of every child in the area. That’s like a ranger rule.

After that there was some really spectacular fireworks. It was really impressive!

Then the evening finished. I definitely want to come back next year. If you haven’t already noticed by my recent posts, August is the month for summer festivals. There’s one happening almost every couple days it seems.


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