Yanagyu Summer Festival

On Saturday with our friends Megumi and Cliff and their kids we went to the Summer festival in Yanagyu , which is where our friends Hiromi and Yoshinori live. So we met up with them and all went together. It was held in the park next to their apartment building. In the center there was a big stand with lanterns hanging from it.

There was people playing the flute and lots of people playing drums, like below.

There was all kinds of traditional dancing and people wearing costumes.

Lots of kids were wearing yukata, just like the festival at Shibata. I’m still surprised at how many wear them.

Hiromi’s sister was there as well with her kids. Hiromi’s niece looks so cute in here little yukata. I couldn’t resist posting a picture.

Close to the end they had a Bon Odori dance which everyone could take part in. They all walked and danced in a circle.

At the very end they had a prize draw. Hiromi won the grand prize! It was 10,000 yen of grocery certificates at the local grocery store. Omedeto!!

I’ve never seen Hiromi so excited before. Here’s a picture of the whole gang at the festival.

We all had a good time. Thanks Yanagyu!



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2 responses to “Yanagyu Summer Festival

  1. E Mom

    Eric, that is Yurie in the last picture. I did a second look. I almost did not recognize her with her hair short. She looks great with her hair like that. Don’t you agree?

  2. That’s why she got it cut that way.

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