Lately I’ve been playing a lot of mahjong. Mahjong in a really old Chinese game that is played with tiles. It’s kind of similar to the card game Gin.  It’s also really popular in Japan. You have three different suits (dots, bamboo, and numbers), three colors (white, red, and green), and four winds (north, south, east and west). You try and make sets of three like three of a kind or sequential. You also have to have one pair to finish your hand.

I picked up a set of tiles at the second hand shop in Kakuda. It was only 900 yen, which is pretty cheap, because set usually go for 5000 yen or higher. It’s really nice to play with the thick tiles. The only drawback is that it’s not very portable. The set is rather heavy and you have to use a felt mat to play or it’s really noisy. All of this stuff can be difficult to bring to someones house if you don’t have a car. To remedy this I bought a card set of mahjong.

It’s really cheap and very light, which makes it easy to carry around. It’s also a lot easier to set up too. We played it at the park on a picnic table the other day while the kids were playing.

The cards are a little bit smaller than normal playing cards. I also like to play mahjong on my DS. I play the game “Mahjong Fight Club”. It’s really fast paced and fun.

The only bad thing is it only has Japanese rules, which are more difficult than Chinese rules. Usually I play Chinese rules, but I’m learning the Japanese rules. You can see a screen shot below.

I’m ranked at the 1th skill level in the game, which is pretty good. It’s the highest skill level ranking for the game. I often play this on my one hour train ride to work to pass the time. I’m totally crazy for mahjong!



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4 responses to “Mahjong

  1. Ku Ri Su

    1 hour train ride to work?

    That is crazy dude.

  2. Yeah, it’s rough sometimes. We’re working on changing that to a ten minute bike ride.

  3. Ku Ri Su

    That would be an impressive bike.

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