This is Pizza-La, one of the few places in Japan to get North American style pizza. The other one is Pizza Hut. Most pizza in Japan is like European pizza. Thin crust and not much cheese. Pizza-La however has lots of cheese, sauce and is oily like western pizza. This is a good thing, as after eating lots of Euro style pizza, you start to crave pizza like back home. They still have all of the crazy toppings like tuna, corn, potato, and mayo like all Japanese pizza places, but it’s twenty times more delicious! Oh, I’m craving it right now.



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6 responses to “Pizza-La

  1. keith

    I notice most of your posts are about food, is that all you do is eat in Japan?

  2. Well think about it… you usually eat at least twice a day right.

  3. Lol, I like how it’s right next to a KFC seemingly, because they have a similar color scheme.

    Nice post Eric.

  4. “Pizza-La | In Sendai” was seriously enjoyable and informative!

    In the present day universe that’s really hard to accomplish.
    I am grateful, Ariel

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