Shibata Summer Festival Part 2

Welcome back for part two. Summer festivals in Japan are at their best during the evening. Double the amount of people come at night time.

The atmosphere of the lights, sounds and smells are fantastic. I took some really nice photos using no flash and various exposure and film speed settings. I think they capture the atmosphere perfectly.

Remember kids, never use the flash on your camera if you want to take great photos. Just forget that you even have a flash. Anyways we went back to the gold fish booth that night to catch some fish. It was extra packed with people now.

This kind of booth is traditional at summer festivals in Japan. There will always be at least one there every time.

Ken got one fish from his attempt (of course you get one fish automatically for trying). He was really happy since he wanted to do this all day.

After we did that there was fireworks. They lasted for over one hour. I’ve posted the big finale of the evening.

After that everyone went home after a good day of fun.

The Kakuda summer festival is coming up in a couple weeks. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s also going to be a block or two from our house so it’ll be easy to go to.


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