Shibata Summer Festival Part 1

Yesterday we went to the Shibata summer festival. Shibata is one of the towns next to Kakuda. There was a lot of girls wearing yukata at the festival.

Yukata are summer kimono. They are a little bit more casual and not as hot as normal kimono. There was tons of food stands at the festival, selling all kinds of traditional festival food. Like yakisoda, which is noodles stir fried in sauce with cabbage, meat, and topped with ginger.

Our friend’s kids Ken and Karin, both got water balloon yoyos to play with.

Some of the food vendors were dressed in traditional costumes.

They also had a game for catching gold fish. You have like a plastic ring with paper covering it. The goal is to pick up as many fish as you can before the paper breaks. This is quite difficult as the paper get so fragile when it touches the water.

They had a large group of people in traditional costumes doing dances to music.

After that they brought out the mikoshi. Which is a portable shrine.

A large group carries the shrine, being careful not to drop it. They do this so that the god in the local shrine can get away from the shrine and see the area. Kind of like a vacation from normal duties.

For dinner we had giant hotdogs on a stick. Which Karin had an interesting method of eating.

At the site hanging from one of the buildings was a giant Teru Teru Bozu. Japanese people believe if you hang one of these up it’ll ward away the rain. It worked on this day.

Well come back tomorrow for part two of the festival. The night time is when the festival truly come alive.



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2 responses to “Shibata Summer Festival Part 1

  1. Megan

    The kids are just too cute! Japan is awesome!

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