KFC in Japan just added a new item to their menu, boneless pieces of chicken! So now you can enjoy all of the delicious taste of original KFC chicken (the chicken strip and stuff don’t taste the same as the normal pieces of chicken at KFC), without all the hassle of the bones and nasty stuff. This is especially great for me as I can only eat boneless chicken. I’ve had a few pieces and I’m happy to report that it is incredibly delicious. It’s like all of my chicken dreams have come true!



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5 responses to “Boneless

  1. Middle Man

    How interesting. In the UK they have taken it one step further. They have taken the chicken out as well. See the attached by way of explanation:

  2. Jeff

    Great, now I’m hungry!

  3. Middle Man, I read your post. You’d be surprised at how often KFC in Canada doesn’t have any chicken. It happened to me once during dinner time. It was perplexing. It’s never happened to me in Japan though… yet.

  4. keith

    Mmmmm… I wish I had KFC, Nijmegen doesn’t have one 😦

  5. It looks delicious, eh?

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