Game Center

I found this scary looking game center in Sendai. It’s in kind of an alley way and down some dingy looking steps. Inside it was smoke filled and full of questionable people. What made it interesting however was the selection of arcade machines was impressive. They had a wide assortment of fighting games, scrolling shooters and rhythm games. Of course they also had lots of mahjongg machines and pachinko. I didn’t have an oportunity to take a spy photo of the interior this time, as there was too many eyes. I will try again in the future some time.



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2 responses to “Game Center

  1. Jeff

    Hey Eric, I read that Street Fighter IV has appeared at some game centers in Japan.
    Just wondering if you’d seen it anywhere.

  2. I have seen SFIV. I saw it at Namco Land. I haven’t played it yet. The lines are huge. I’m going to try and play it maybe next week. It looks great!

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