Hot Dogs

After being in Japan for a few months, I have started to crave certain foods that aren’t easily obtained over here. For instance, hotdogs, while they have their own version over here, having the normal hotdog in a bun is uncommon. Most wieners here are small bite size ones. Thankfully, Yurie found real hotdogs at one of the import stores in Sendai.

The hotdogs are from Germany and come in a jar full of water or some liquid, as opposed to the vaccum sealed refrigerated kind in Canada. This is how far you have to go some times for your craving. She also found relish and dill pickles.

Both of these are hard to find here as well. Japanese pickles are completely different from our pickles and almost never vinegary. I was so exicited to see these items. I can’t wait to barbeque.



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4 responses to “Hot Dogs

  1. keith

    it’s funny, I have the same problem in the Netherlands, all the hotdogs come in jars and cans and suck!! Also all the pickles are sweet, so I have to go to Germany to get Dill pickles, lucky that’s only a 15 minute dive.

  2. keith

    actually looking at the picture those are the same hotdogs you can buy in German, but they are still like the dutch one.

  3. The reason they look like the ones from Germany, is because they are from Germany.

  4. keith

    I know, I can read a bit of German

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