More Famicom Games

On my recent hunting expedition I went Seagull game shop in Nagamachi close to where I work, and to the Geo game and video rental in Kakuda. I found more interesting Famicom titles for cheap, and I thought  I would share them. Thei first is “Clu Clu Land”.

This game was made by NIntendo, and is kind of like a maze game. Your character grabs and rotates on the posts all around the maze and has to reveal jewels by passing over them, all while avoiding enemies. It’s quite challenging. Next is “Argus no Senshi Hachamecha Daishingeki”.

This game was called Rygar in North America. In it it you play as a fierce warrior who uses the “Disk Armour”, kind of a boomerang type weapon. Argus look pretty cute in the artwork for a fierce warrior. Next is “Geimos”.

It your usual space shooter, but it’s in pseudo 3D kind of like Space Harrier. Next is “Rock Man 5”.

Most western people will know this series as Megaman. It’s the usual Megaman goodness. Next is “Image Fight”.

This game is quite good. It’s a space shooter, but it’s pretty advanced for a Famicom game. The power ups are really good. and the levels are really interesting, so far it’s my favourite. Next is “Super Pitfall”.

It’s actually nothing like any of the previous Pitfall games. Pitfall Harry kind of lloks like Mario too. You have to save your friends and search inside of a mountain temple for treasure, avoiding poisonous frogs and spiders. Next is “Lot Lot”.

It’s a puzzle game where you have to move the balls to different point areas. The play mechanic is very unique, and the game is quite fun. Lastly we have “Star Force”

This game was very popular in Japan, and it made Takahashi Meijin a household name over here. It’s a normal scrolling space shooter,but it was one of the first. Notice, on the artwork that in the future men will wear space hot pants to fly space ships.

Takahashi Meijin was famous for being able to press the shooting button 16 times in one second. He became the game master in Japan, and is still well known. He was also the star of the Adventure Island series. You can see the mythical powers he possess in the videos below. And no, he’s not using a rapid fire controller in the bottom video, just pure awesomeness.



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4 responses to “More Famicom Games

  1. Jeff P

    He taps fast.

  2. That’s why he’s the master!

  3. I didn’t know you have these games!! Were you hiding it?!

  4. No I did hide them, you were there when I bought them!

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