Don Quiyote

We recently went to Don Quiyote. We had heard it was an interesting store from our friend Hiromi. What she had told us turned out to be true. The diversity of the stuff they carry is amazing. I would even have a hard time classifying what kind of store it is. On one end they have expensive Prada purses and on the other they have video games, wacky joke stuff, costumes for dressing up as school girls or maids. They also lots of different food items, some being forreign foods. On a different note they had a section of risque items for the bedroom. Everything you can imagine is contained in this store, and it is cheaply priced. Unfortunatly I couldn’t take any pictures inside as at the door they had a stict no pictures sign posted.



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2 responses to “Don Quiyote

  1. Ku Ri Su

    They had one down the road from my old apartment. It is an interesting store. We would go there once and a while to pick up cheap booze and other stuff. Our store had a secret back room in the DVD area.

    I think you could say it is a Walmart cramed into a tiny space, except they have no conscious on what they sell and that they actually have quality stuff.

  2. That is a very accurate description. The “secret” room was very funny and scandalous.

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