X30 Or Is It?

At the request of my good friend Jeff in the comments for my post “Delicious Curry“, I decided to go and finally pick up the Lee X30 spicy curry at 7/11. All that was needed was the perfect day to consume the curry, namely a cooler day and a day on which I didn’t have to go to work (in case of bad side effects). As you can see the box is emblazoned with fiery images, making me a little fearful for what lay ahead.

However there was one thing that I did not find out until I brought it home.

It contains an extra sachet of “jolokia” pepper sauce which would raise the level to X45 spicy!! On the box it says that the jolokia is actually spicier than the habenero pepper. In fact if you look at the wikipedia entry it states that Guiness world records deemed it the spiciest pepper on earth! You can see the little sachet below.

So being a true man I put the entire amount of jolokia into the curry making it X45. Let me tell you it was pretty spicy, but I was able to handle it. I think eating the X20 a few times helped level my stomach up in preparation for this task. The side effects of eating the curry were as follows: lots of sweating, burning sensation on the tongue for around an hour, and a warm sensation in my stomach for most of the day. So the final verdict is that it was incredibly spicy, but not nearly as bad as that snack that I had previously, which made tears come out of my eyes.



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4 responses to “X30 Or Is It?

  1. Jeff

    Well done Eric. You are a “maniac”. 45x spicy, way more than I even requested. I love how the packaging goes to great lengths to convey spiciness. I’m not sure how they could top that design, unless they literally set the bag on fire in the store.

  2. I try to do my best in all spicy situations. Some might say it has made me stronger and faster, much like Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man.

  3. Jojo

    hmmm…maybe if you had a x46 or x47 would I consider that you have entered spicy town…

  4. OK I’ll have it again and put five splashes of Tabasco to raise it to 47. Or how about eating it on a hot day, would that qualify me for spicy town?

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