McDonalds recently introduced two new sandwiches to the menu for a limited time. A “Salsa Chicken Burger” and a “Teriyaki Chicken Burger”. I’m happy to report that both are very delicious. I think the salsa burger would be very popular in Canada.

The menu at McDonalds changes very often over here, almost twice a month. It’s very interesting to try out all of the new stuff all of the time. I think I go more often here than I ever did in Canada.



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4 responses to “McSalsa!

  1. E Mom

    Eric, are you and Yurie trying out all the different takeout food in Kakuda and Sendai as a research project of the Japanese food market? At this rate, it will be a contest between you and Ian to see who is the biggest brother. You will have to bike more often.

    You should see how fit Keith is now. His biking and cricket games are paying off. He looks very svelte.

  2. I only actually have fast food usually once a week. I have actually lost a bit of weight since I came over here.

  3. Jojo

    I wanna see some pictures of healthy salads, lean proteins and complex carbs like whole grain bread…..nah, gimme more odd japanese junkfood pics!!!!!

  4. What is this thing you call healthy salad. I have not heard of such things.

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