Latest Finds

I went around today to some of the recycle shops in Kakuda, to score some more games for my Famicom. I bought three games. The first one is”Tag Team Pro Wrestling”. In which the “Ricky Fighters” battle the “Strong Bads” for wrestling supremacy. It’s like most old wrestling games, not many moves, but pretty funny. It was only 105 yen.

The second is Cosmic Wars. I thought it was a space shooter, but it turned out to be a really strange strategy game. I’m still trying to figure out how to play it since there is a lot of Japanese. Thankfully it was only 100 yen.

The last one is “Jajamaru no Daibouken” which means “Jajamaru’s Big Adventure”. It a platforming action game where you play as a cute ninja, and fight monsters and ghosts. This one was 480 yen.

All in all a very sucessful game hunting expedition. I only spent 685 yen, which is under $7 dollars Canadian.


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