Well, yesterday I went to Super Potato in Sendai, and I finally achieved my childhood dream of owning a Nintendo Entertainment System. Actually I bought a Famicom (Japanese name for NES) clone called the”Home Game Computer SP”. It was only 999 yen which is less than $10 Canadian. Super cheap!

I thought It would be black like on the box cover, but when I opened it, It was actually red.

It has 9 games built into it, but they’re all bad bootleg versions of real games. Thank fully I bought one cartridge while I was at Super Potato. I got Super Xevious.

It was really cheap. The price was only 380 yen. I like Xevious so I thought Super Xevious must be even better. They had a lot of copies of this game, but I chose this particular one for a special reason. Some young child over 20 years ago put his name on the back.

One Junpei Takahashi. Thank you Junpei for keeping this game in good condition! Super Xevious is a typical spaceship shooter game. The one difference is that you have to solve the mystery of each level to progress. Which means doing certain conditions at certain times. That’s why the subtitle of the game is “Ganpu no Nazo”, which means the Mystery of Ganpu. I don’t know who Ganpu is, but that’s not important. Here’s a screen of the game in action.



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6 responses to “Famicom

  1. I never get sick of clone systems. I find it amusing that this one looks like a Genesis but plays Famicom games. I wonder if the controllers have sticky buttons.

  2. I kind of does look like a Genesis, especially the black one on the box. The controller buttons actually are sticky buttons. Good guess.

  3. Ian

    I can’t believe the prices of those games and system. You must be in heaven.

  4. It’s pretty nice!

  5. Jojo

    The color of that system is awesome…would be nice to have some gold accents as well.

  6. Maybe I can get some gold leaf and improve it!

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